July 30, 2020

Jamu: Definitions, Types, and More

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Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine, the medicine shall be thy food.”

And this is what Jamu is, first and foremost: medicine.

Jamu is a herbal drink native to the Indonesian with numerous benefits to the human anatomy. And over the years, its use has spread far beyond Indonesian borders, reaching more and more people worldwide. In a nutshell, Jamu can commendably be used as an anti-inflammatory, immune booster, and body rejuvenator, to mention a few.

So what is so special about Jamu juice that has people loving it this much?

Let’s briefly take a look at that, shall we?

Starting with its composition.

What are the main elements of Jamu Juice?

Jamu traditional herbal juice can be prepared in various ways, using a combination of all-natural plant parts such as roots, barks, seeds, flowers, fruits, and leaves. The most popular is a combination of turmeric, black pepper, and ginger.

This particular blend is a bright yellow juice well-known as an overall health and beauty concoction that people all over the world adore. 

The Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture listed Jamu as one of Indonesia’s intangible cultural heritages in 2019. As can be seen, it is a national treasure that the Indonesian people are proud of and eager to share with the rest of the world.

Jamu Juice Benefits

This super juice is beloved by many, and below are the reasons why:

  • Jamu has anti-inflammatory properties.

Jamu can help you if you have an infection or an injury that is causing swelling in your muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Curcumin, an active ingredient found in turmeric, is an excellent remedy for reducing swelling and pain sensitivity. It is then highly effective in treating headaches, stress, depression, and osteoarthritis.

  • Jamu is a cardiothoracic healer.

Jamu juice can also help people with heart problems because it has properties that help lower blood sugar levels. As a result, the onset of heart attacks and diabetes fatalities is reduced. People with such conditions have seen significant improvements since beginning to use Jamu juice.

The potassium in Jamu juice is also beneficial to cardiovascular health.

  • Jamu has a robust blood pressure-lowering effect.

If you have high blood pressure, whether above or below average, you will be relieved to know that Jamu is effective at balancing it. As a result, you can avoid any other health problems that may arise due to high blood pressure.

  • Jamu is a rejuvenator of the body.

Life does take its toll on us from time to time, and we may require a pick-me-up. Jamu happens to be one of the best juices to have on hand for boosting your mood and making you feel better. This is due to the minerals and vitamins it contains, which add vitality to the body, thereby increasing energy levels.

Aside from that, it makes your skin glow and appear healthier, increases your vitamin C levels, and finally helps your body absorb iron more effectively.

  • Jamu is high in antioxidants.

Our bodies are machines that constantly produce waste internally as a result of the breakdown of food and other substances we consume. Furthermore, toxic pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi can enter the body and cause harm. Jamu contains antioxidants that aid the body in managing and fighting off pathogens and preventing infections or further spread. As a result, it is beneficial to one’s overall health.

  • Jamu functions as a hormone regulator.

Jamu has beneficial properties, particularly in the female body, to aid in hormone balancing. When you start drinking Jamu regularly, you will notice a more balanced flow of hormones throughout your body.

  • Jamu is beneficial to the digestive system.

If you suffer from digestive tract issues such as constipation, you will be relieved to know that Jamu is an excellent remedy. It is a natural laxative that will loosen the stool and make it easier to expel.

  • Jamu is a natural cleanser for the body.

Jamu is a powerful detoxifying agent for the liver and kidneys. After incorporating Jamu into your diet, you will notice an expulsion of any toxins that may have accumulated on these two vital organs. It promotes the formation of natural enzymes in the liver, which aid in body cleansing.

  • Jamu is a natural sedative.

Jamu is a juice that has also been linked to nerve-calming, so much so that it aids in restful sleep and peace of mind.

jamy benefits

Why do people use ancient juices like Jamu?

The benefits stated above are the some compelling reasons why people chose to use healing juices such as Jamu. The driving force is a little more straightforward, and some of the primary motivations are discussed below:

They want to change their lifestyle to a better one.

People should begin taking Jamu if they want to live a healthier and more meaningful life. The health benefits provided extend to assisting one in transitioning into a more beneficial zone of life in which they only consume what is healthy for them.

They want to fight disease.

As previously stated, Jamu can be used to treat certain illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. People who are suffering from these issues can begin taking Jamu juice right away in order to assist the body in regaining its healthy state.

They want to better their fertility and reproductive health. 

This is especially important for women who have hormonal imbalances that prevent them from reproducing. A woman taking jamu as part of her diet will have better reproductive health due to the properties of jamu that help balance the production and level of hormones.

This includes issues such as painful menstruation, endometriosis, and PMS, all of which are common in reproductive life.

They want to sleep better and be happier.

We’ve already mentioned how great Jamu is for lifting your spirits. As a result, if you want to have more stress-free days, you should incorporate it into your diet. It aids in the treatment of anxiety and depression, resulting in improved concentration and sleep. The end result is a slew of positivity that contributes to a fuller life of happiness and optimism.

Why do we need to change the way we approach health in general?

We all want to live better lives, and it all starts with what we eat. Then there are the habits we have grown accustomed to that may jeopardize our overall health. And we shall briefly tackle both issues:

What we eat

When it comes to consumables, there has been a dramatic increase in the consumption of high-fat, high-calorie foods, which has resulted in severe health problems. Obesity is one of those issues affecting children as young as eight years old in the United States and all over the world. Then there are high cholesterol levels and a slew of other factors that cut a society’s life expectancy in half!

What we do

Certain habits also contribute to the current disaster. Toxins are introduced into the body through smoking, drug use, and alcohol consumption. And the danger arises when the body does not have enough time to clear them out as a result of excessive use. As a result, cancers develop in areas such as the lungs, mouth, throat, liver, kidney, and other body parts.

These two things are not to be proud of because they rob us of our lives. So, for these two reasons, we need to change our perspective on health care because most of the problems we face as a world or as individuals are mostly preventable.

Taking Jamu is just one of the many things we can do to live a healthier, happier life!

Types of Jamu

We already mentioned the ginger, black pepper, and turmeric blend, but there’s more. Some of the additional types are discussed further below.

  1. Jamu Beras Kencur- Kencur Rice Herbs

This Jamu variant is a highly effective pain reliever, weight management supplement, and anti-diabetic. Rice, kensur (aromatic ginger), kedawung seeds, ginger rhizome, kapulogo seeds, tamarind fruit, turmeric, keninger wood, and brown sugar as a sweetener are among the active ingredients in this blend.

  1. Jamu Kadu Laos- Kudu Laos Herbs

The galingale extracts in this Jamu blend provide a plethora of health benefits such as immunity-boosting, anti-diabetic, cancer prevention, cell recovery, and skin health. The ingredients are also beneficial for brain health, cold and flu relief, and increasing male fertility.

It also aids in the stimulation of appetite, the initiation of menstruation, and the rejuvenation of the body.

  1. Jamu Sinom- Sinom Herbs

Sinom are young tamarind leaves that are sweetened with turmeric, Curcuma, cinnamon, and palm sugar. This Jamu variant has skin healing properties, can relieve menstrual pain, increase appetite, reduce gastric inflammation, and reduce the vaginal discharge. It also helps to cool the body and reduces the development of specific sores, such as canker sores in the mouth.

  1. Jamu Kunyit Kunir Asem- Temeric Herbs

This Jamu mixture contains turmeric, tamarind, brown sugar, white sugar, and salt (a traditional ingredient). The salt is essential because it acts as an activator for all of the ingredients in this mixture.

Because of the numerous antioxidants, it contains, it has benefits such as reducing period pain and regenerating body cells.

  1. Jamu Cabe Puyang-Puyang Chilli Herbs

If you don’t mind a little spiciness in your Jamu, this is the one to go with. Chilli extracts, puyang, Curcuma, ginger, tamarind, black pepper, fennel, and palm sugar are all included in this concution.

It is excellent for pain relief, particularly rheumatic pain, which is commonly felt along the abdomen. It has also been used to treat colds and cases of flu.

  1. Jamu Pahitan- Bitter herbs

This Jamu is very bitter and is made from sambiloto and brotowali leaves. It has admirable properties for increasing appetite, preventing the onset of diabetes, and serving as an alternative to dialysis treatment.

It is also a blood cleansing herb, as well as an anti-allergic and anti-itching agent.

  1. Jamu Kunci Suruh

Rimpang kunci, betel leaves, and tamarind extracts are used in this blend. This concoction is specifically designed for women to reduce vaginal discharge, tighten vaginal muscles, and neutralize body odour. It can also serve as a tooth whitener for other users.

  1. Jamu Uyup-Uyup

Kencur extracts, ginger, galingale, Curcuma, turmeric, and puyang are used to make this Jamu variant. It is especially beneficial for lactating mothers because it stimulates breast milk production while also reducing bloating.

  1. Jamu Temulawak- Curcuma Herbs 

This Jamu is made with extracts of Curcuma, tamarind, pandan leaves, cumin, and palm sugar. This Jamu variant helps to relieve nausea and bloating.

  1. Jamu Galian Singset

The final variation of Jamu on this list contains kencur extracts, Curcuma, cardamom, coriander, clove, galingale, black pepper, lemongrass, cinnamon, turmeric, and tamarind. This is another popular remedy among women because it is thought to help maintain overall vaginal cleanliness and health.

Because of its anti-obesity medicinal properties, it is also an excellent fat burner.

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Why you should start using Jamu today

There is not one compelling reason why you shouldn’t begin using Jamu today; as you can see, it serves a greater purpose in providing you with a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Regardless, there are a few things you should do before using Jamu, and they are as follows:

  • Conduct extensive research on the variant of interest.
  • Be aware of the potential side effects of herbal tea, such as allergies, and be prepared to deal with them if they occur.
  • If you are taking it for a specific reason, such as treating kidney, liver, heart, or diabetes, consult with your doctor or herbalist first to determine the best dosage and variants to use.

Take Away

Jamu is a pain reliever, immune booster, mood enhancer, and other benefits that extend beyond the physical body. That is why it is so popular, and its use is spreading around the world. So, now that you know what Jamu is and what it can do are you willing to give it a shot?

You have nothing to fear and everything to gain!

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